Rest of the World Member - 2 Years - £56.00

United Kingdom Member - 1 Year - £20.00

You can renew or join the Society using PayPal here - you do not need to have a PayPal account.

The Society is a company limited by guarantee.   As a consequence each member agrees to contribute a maximum of  £1 in the unlikely event that:
a) the Company is wound-up while he or she is a member or within a year afterwards; and
b) the Company has debts and liabilities that it cannot meet from its assets.

For instructions on completing the forms see below.

Choose the relevant option:

United Kingdom Member - 2 Years - £40.00

Instructions for paying for membership by using PayPal

1. Choose the appropriate box, whether a UK member or from the Rest of the World and for 1 or 2 years membership.
2. Enter your membership number if renewing or “New Member” in the appropriate box and your telephone number in case of a query.
3. Click on “Pay Now”.
This opens a new page in PayPal.
4. If you have your own account with PayPal log in.
5. If you do not have your own account with PayPal click on “Checkout as a Guest”.
6. A new page opens and you enter your personal and card details.

Rest of the World Member - 1 Year - £28.00