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The Swiss Railways Society was formed in 1980 for the purpose of bringing together those interested in Swiss Railways, but over the years has attracted those with a liking for other forms of transport such as trams, buses, boats, cable cars and funicular railways. Our numbers include many whose technical knowledge is slight but whose love of Switzerland and its railways bring them comfortably into contact with the historically and technically minded member as well as model makers at all levels of experience. For details of membership click here.

The September Issue of Swiss Express was dispatched to members at the end of August and includes the following articles plus all the regular features. The full contents can be viewed on the Swiss Express page.
If you haven’t yet received your copy of the September issue of Swiss Express please contact the Membership Secretary,  and he will send you a copy. Please always notify the membership Secretary when you change your address.

● Ceneri 2020.
● The oRIGInal Rack Railway.
● A Rather Different Locomotive at Kleine Scheidegg.
● Timetabled Nostalgia by the Bodensee.
● Lost Lines – Altstätten.
● Vertigo Challenges – Walking Swiss Railway Viaducts and Bridges.
● “Ciao LCD”.
● Lötschberg Base Tunnel Water Ingress.
● Are You Suitably Informed?.

In addition there is a separate 40th Anniversary Supplement included with this issue.


SRS News

Switzerland Travel Centre – Special Discount Offer for SRS members is continued into 2021. More details are here.

Some of the Society’s Branches now have their own web page. See the Branches page for more details.

The 2021 AGM is schedulled to take place on 24th April. More details are available here.

Access to the Members Area is restricted to current members only. The password is printed on your 2020 Membership Card and is valid until 31st January 2021.

Society Contacts – Names and Email  Addresses.

Members Of The Board – Photos and biographies.

Swiss Travel System – including timetable information.

The SRS Sales Stand will, due to the present situation, not be attending any events this year. 

Latest News


16th November 2020:
There was a record attendance of 73 at last night virtual Society meeting when Andreas Haesler spoke about Public Transport in Interlaken from 1800. Despite the sound issues the historic photographs and film could speak for themselves. This was the last meeting of 2020, Boyd Misstear from Connecticut will start off the 2021 programme on January 17th with a talk entitled “Modelling Miscellany – From Eggerberg to Eggwise & Wäterhaus to Wiesel Platz!”. A recording of last nights meeting amd all the previous meetings along with log-in details for the next meeting are available from the front page of the “Members Area” of the website. If you have any problem getting the link please email: 

10th November 2020:
A request from our Chairman, Roger Ellis – Members, can you help myself and Steve Tinsley? The Branch Organiser of Bristol & Bath Branch, James Henderson, did a presentation sometime ago entitled “then & now” when he showed  pictures taken in Switzerland many decades ago compared with recent photographs taken at the same location. I thought it might make a book, but better still the pictures could be a feature in future editions of Swiss Express.  He is  intending to go to Spiez in June 2021 with a few SRS members, and fellow member Steve Tinsley is visiting Olten at the same time.  Can we ask you to look through your collection of slides, prints or digital images to find ideally black and white or early colour pictures from the 50s, 60s, or 70s which you think Steve and myself would be able to find the location and take a similar view in 2021. Bare in mind that the original one need to be 1) of suitable quality to be re-produced in the Swiss Express and 2) should be interesting with perhaps a locomotive/whole train/railcar/bus/tram/ship/cable car included. If you have suitable photos please contact Roger.

4th November 2020:
2021 Memebership Cards have been posted to all those members who have pre-paid for 2021. If you do not receive your membership card then you have not paid for 2021 and need to pay your subscription at the appropriate time.  If you think that is not the case please contact the Membership Secretary for clarification. Subscription rates have not been increased for 2021 and remain at £20 for UK members and £28  for the rest of the world members.  Please do not attempt to renew your membership before 1st December.

26th October 2020:
STC has confirmed that the 5% discount offer on travel passes and holidays will continue until the end of 2021. More information and how to claim the discount are available here.

The 2021 Society AGM is scheduled to take place on 24th April. More details of the planned weekend events can be seen here. Please bear in mind in these uncertain times that there is no guarantee that the AGM will take place in the planned format or indeed in any physical format at all and last minute cancellation is always possible.

21st October 2020:
All of the 2021 Calendars are now sold out. If you want a bargain we have reduced the price of the Sweat shirts and Jumpers featuring the old logo. The sweatshirts are now only £13.00 and available in navy or red in most sizes. The wool mix v-neck navy jumpers are reduced to £25.00 and availablre in all sizes.

18th October 2020:
The much delayed 2020 AGM was held yesterday (17th October) with only the Directors present by Zoom. The minutes of the meeting can be viewed from with in the members area.

17th October 2020:
The 40th Anniversary mugs are back in stock and available through our 0n-line shop.

12th October 2020:
The November issue of Continental Modeller (available this week) features an eight page article on the Society and various Swiss layouts owned by members. There is also an article on Neuberg 2013 which should have been featured at the Warley NEC show this year in the SRS area (along with Neuberg 1913 and many other Swiss layouts). This should all now happen at the 2021 show.


27th September 2020:
Now available in our on-line shop is the updated version of Switzerland Travel Guide Number 5 – Ticino. This is an updated and expanded version of the Guide first published in 2012. Since 2012 there have been a number of developments in the Swiss canton of Ticino and the opportunity has been taken to draw attention to a greater range of places to visit. This new book maintains the A5 format and, amongst other things, includes the Gotthard Base Tunnel (opened in 2016), the Ceneri Base Tunnel (opened 2020) and the new direct rail route linking Milan’s Malpensa Airport with Lugano (opened in 2019). There are many extra photographs and more websites have been quoted so the reader can easily research additional information if he or she wishes. The area covered extends south from the Gotthard Pass to the Italian border which surrounds Ticino on three sides. All 144 photographs are in colour and there are 3 maps to illustrate the principal locations there are 52 pages, plus card covers and the price is £7.00 excluding postage.

4th August 2020:
Now available are our limited edition 40th Anniversay Mugs with matching Coasters and Metal Key Rings featuring the new Society Logo.  The mugs are priced at £5.00 and the coasters are £2.00 with a  special Anniversary offer price for the two of £6.50. The Key Ring is £3.50 or why not buy one of each to celebrate the Society’s Anniversay for the special price of £9.50. All prices exclude postage and packing and can be bought at our on-line shop.

22nd July 2020:
To celebrate the Society’s 40th anniversary Hornby International is offering Society Members a discount of 10% on Hornby International brand products. The offer is valid until 30th November 2020 and the voucher code can be found on the Society Page within the Members Area. Terms and conditions apply.


13th July 2020:
Now available from our on-line shop are the new Polo Shirts with our new logo. They are available in Navy, Grey, Red and Light Blue priced at £16.00 plus postage.  To order them visit our on-line shop. We have reduced the price of the remaining old style polo shirts to £12.00 – grap yourself a bargain.

18th June 2020:
It has been announced that the Warley Model Railway Show will not take place this year. This, of course, means that the Society’s planned 40th Anniversary celebrations as part of the show have had to be postponned until the 2021 show. More details later.


19th May 2020:
Now available is the latest travel guide by Martin Fisher, South West Switzerland.  This “new” Guide is actually an updated and expanded amalgamation of two older guides – one for Geneva & The Rhône Valley and part of one about the Glacier Express, both first published in 2011 and now out of print. Since 2011 there have been a number of developments in South West Switzerland and the opportunity has been taken to draw attention to a greater range of places to visit. This new book maintains the A5 format and, amongst other things, provides coverage of the Glacier Express route up to the Oberalp Pass from which point another of our Guides, about Graubünden, describes the other half of that famous journey. There are many extra photographs and more websites have been quoted so the reader can easily research additional information if he or she wishes. The area covered extends eastwards from Geneva to the Oberalp Pass above Andermatt, and from Yverdon-les-Bains across to Zermatt. The book has 72 pages with 216 photographs all in colour and there is a map to illustrate the principal locations. The price is £7.00 plus postage and it is available from our on-line shop.

30th April 2020:
The “Meet the Board” page of the website has been updated to include a pen picture of our new Chairman Roger Ellis.

.26th April 2020:
A minor error has come to light in the Society’s latest publication – Swiss Independent Railways.  If you have bought a copy of the book please follow this link for information on an incorrect photograph printed on page 52.

19th April 2020:
At the virtual Board Meeting held on Saturday 18th April Roger Ellis was appointed to the post of Chairman, Simon Ellis to the post of Publicity and Exhibitions Director and Bernard Davis as a Board Member.

27th March 2020:
Now available is the latest book by Martin Fisher, “Swiss Independent Railways – Their Electric Locomotives Past and Present”.  This new A4 book describes all the various electric locomotives used down the years to the present day by each of the other Swiss railway operators. These are often described as privately-owned and although some are, many are at least partly owned by local government. Indeed, the Federal government has a stake in one or two cases. 30 railway companies feature (several of whom are amalgamations of various smaller operators) plus 11 modern-day Open Access operators and 5 locomotive leasing companies. Like the SBB book, the new publication describes the evolution of Swiss electric locomotive design from the very earliest experimental schemes through to the most recent designs. Both standard and narrow gauge railways feature. In the case of narrow gauge lines particularly, the distinction between locomotives and shunters and/or railcars can be blurred so shunters and railcars are described where they clearly have a “main line” use as locomotives. Photographs are in colour wherever possible but some old archive photos (mostly very rare) are in black-and-white. The price is £16.00 plus postage from our on-line shop or £19.50 by mail order including postage.

24th March 2020:
Now available is the update version of Switzerland Travel Guide No.4 by Martin Fisher which covers the Lake Luzern area. The first edition of this Guide was published in 2012. Since 2012 there have been several developments in this part of Switzerland, not least the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. This new second edition maintains the A5 format but has been thoroughly updated & enlarged with more pages and many new photographs. There are more references to places to visit and more websites quoted so the reader can easily research additional information if he or she wishes. As before, the Guide covers a much wider area than simply Lake Luzern and its surrounding towns, villages and mountains. The area covered extends to Zug and Einsiedeln to the north, the eastern part of the Emmental in the west, the Klausen Pass in the east and up to the Brünig Pass, Mount Titlis and Göschenen in the south. All 178 photographs are in colour and there is a map to illustrate the principal locations.. The price is £7.00 plus postage from our on-line shop or £8.00 by mail order including postage.


7th March 2020:
Tim Mulhall’s write-up on the 2020 Nürnberg Toy Fair is now available as a pdf to either view on line or download from the home page of the “Members “Area” or from the “Society News” page.


26th November 2019:
The Society’s latest book was published at the Warley Show last weekend,  written by Bryan Stone, our former ” Swiss Correspondent” and long time resident of Basle, it is the story of the Birsigthalbahn. This A4 soft back book tells the remarkable story and history of an unusual minor Swiss railway. It has 56 pages and over 100 photographs in colour and b&w. The price is £10.00 plus postage from our on-line shop or £11.50 by mail order including postage.

20th March 2019:
Mario Gavazzi has sent a link to a 10 minute film about the changeover from tram to bus between Thun and Steffisburg in 1958. This can be viewed from the Swiss “Snippits Page” within the “Members Area”. 

19th February 2019:
David Stevenson has taken over the job of Photo Editor as part of the Archivist and Publications Role he already undertakes. Photographs should be sent to him and updated details of how to do this are  here.

9th February:
The Society’s Library has been a part of the Stephenson Locomotive Society (SLS) Library situated in the Ian Allan Building at Addlestone in Surrey. The SLS has had to vacate this building and the library is now in storage. We are sorry that it is not possible for members to visit or borrow books from the Society’s Library at the moment.




13th January 2017:
The Swiss Holiday Company is offering Society Members a 5% discount against holiday bookings . For details click here.

Ron Smith has found the following link  to this site which has loads of great photos:

 October 2015:
The Society has a Facebook page – please take a look, some Society information will be put on our Facebook page, there is a link to it the foot of the page..

We also have a Facebook Group where Society Members can post information and ask questions.
Please become a member of the group here.

Sales News

8th September 2020:
We now have the latest  Perren Cab Ride DVD in stock – Bahnlinien in the Region Schaffhausen.  This  single DVD covers the following lines: Zürich – Schaffhausen – Winterthur,  Singen – Schaffhausen – Erzingen (Baden).  It is available through our on-line shop where there are full details of the DVD’s contents and a sample video. The price is £21.00 plus postage.

8th September 2020:
We now have the book on the Furka Mountain Railway written by Jim Standcliffe and published by Narrow Gauge Railway Society. It has 32 pages, approx 30 colour photos, + maps, and cutaway drawings of some of the locos The price is £6.00 plus postage and is available from our on-line shop. It was reviewed in the September 2020 issue of Swiss Express. 

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