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The Swiss Railways Society was formed in 1980 for the purpose of bringing together those interested in Swiss Railways, but over the years has attracted those with a liking for other forms of transportation such as trams, boats cable cars and funicular railways. Our numbers include many whose technical knowledge is slight but whose love of Switzerland and its railways bring them comfortably into contact with the historically and technically minded member as well as model makers at all levels of experience. For details of membership click here.

SRS News

Switzerland Travel Centre –Special Discount Offer for SRS members is continued into 2019. Click here for details.

Some of the Society’s Branches now have their own web page. See the Branches page for more details.

The March issue of Swiss Express was dispatched to members at the end of Februry.

The 2019 AGM and Spring Meet will be held on the 13th  April 2019 at the Hallmark Midland Hotel Derby. More details available here.

Access to the Members Area is restricted to current members only. The password is printed on your 2019 Membership Card and is valid until 31st January 2020.

Society Contacts – Names and Email  Addresses.

Members Of The Board – Photos and biographies.

Swiss Travel System – including timetable information.

The SRS Sales Stand will be attending various events this year for details please click here.

The March issue of Swiss Express includes the following features:



● Editorial.
● End of an Era ….
● Where’s Heidi?
● Belfort – Delle Reopening.
● Different Times – 1951 (1).
● Early Railway Competition?
● “Stunde Null-Stein” or Zero Hour Stone.
● Berlin to the ‘Beer Barrels’.
● Switzerland, Signalling, and Scenery.
● Gold Coast EMUs.
The Basel Hafenbahn.
● A link with an old era disappears.
● Members’ Photo Gallery. 




● All Change on the Waldenburgerbahn.
● Swiss News.
● The Extreme North West Corner.
● Bad weather is sometimes good weather!
● Different Times – 1951 (2).
● Pulling your hair out!
● Modelling News.
● Society Pages.
● AGM Information.
● And Finally…
Where’s Heidi?
● Swiss Railways Society (CLBG) Annual General Meeting 2019
● Ivan Rodrigues from the STC writes.




Latest News

20th March 2019:
Please note that the date of the AGM shown in the Society advert in the April Issue of Continental Modeller is incorrect – it is the 13th April.
Members travelling to the AGM on 13th April should be aware that on that day there are no direct trains from London to Derby. There is a bus replacement from Bedford to Corby resulting in a journey time of 3 hours. The only available rail route is West Midland trains from Euston to Tamworth and then a Cross Country train to Derby.

Mario Gavazzi has sent a link to a 10 minute film about the changeover from tram to bus between Thun and Steffisburg in 1958. This can be viewed from the Swiss “Snippits Page” within the “Members Area”.

9th March 2019:

Tim Mulhall’s illustrated write-up on the 2019 Nürnberg Toy Fair is now available as a pdf to either view on line or download from the home page of the “Members “Area” or from the “Society News” page.

7th March 2019:

Tim Mulhall has arranged a special deal for members to obtain the 2019 Hornby International Model Railway Catalogue for the special price of £5.00 including postage. Full details and the coupon to download are on the home page of the “Members Area”.

19th February 2019:

David Stevenson has taken over the job of Photo Editor as part of the Archivist and Publications Role he already undertakes. Photographs should be sent to him and updated details of how to do this are  here.

9th February:

The Society’s Library has been a part of the Stephenson Locomotive Society (SLS) Library situated in the Ian Allan Building at Addlestone in Surrey. The SLS has had to vacate this building and the library is now in storage. We are sorry that it is not possible for members to visit or borrow books from the Society’s Library at the moment.

3rd February 2019:

If you are planning on attending the Saturday evening AGM Dinner do not forget that bookings must be made by 1st April. Details are here.

30th January 2019:

Access to the “Members Area” is restricted to current Society members The password is printed on your 2019 membership Card and will be valid until 31st January 2020. Please do not share the password with non-members – remember you have paid to gain this information – they have not.

The 2017 Issues of Swiss Express are now available to download from the Swiss Express page within the “Members Area”.

20th January 2019

We are sorry that the planned talk by Mike Ellis about the Switzerland to Snowdon Project at the AGM will no longer take place. The planned display of material from the event has also been cancelled. We must apologise for this which is out of our control. The updated AGM announcement can be seen here

14th January 2019:

The Society is now selling the Video125 DVD and Blu-Ray title The Old Gotthard Route – A Drivers View – more details below in Sales News or in the On-line Shop.

3rd December 2018:

Martin Fisher has updated the Swiss Express indexes to include the 2018 magazines they are available in pdf or excel formats and can be downloaded from the Swiss Express page of the website.

23rd November 2018:

The entire 2019 Swiss Railway Time table can now be downloaded from this link:


23rd August 2018:

Whilst the Webmaster was on holiday in Switzerland earlier this summer, he had a conversation with a Society Member who said, “It was nice to see what a Member of the Board actually looked like”. That struck home, and the Board agreed that members who do not attend the AGM have no idea what any of them look like. Well this is no longer true – if you click here you can see all the Board Members and read a biography about each of them.

Don’t forget the new Blog in the “Members Area”.  Please join it – you can ask and answer questions, tell us about your Swiss holiday and buy and sell Swiss Railway related items.

July 30th 2018:

Welcome to the new SRS website – we hope you like it. Please have a look at it and visit our new on-line shop. Thanks to Neil Judges of Flying Cow Labs for converting our old website to a modern platform and Tim Mullhall for building the e-commerce shop. Try it on your tablet or mobile. Remember you no longer need your Username to access the Members Area. You only need your Password as printed on your 2018 Membership Card. If you find anything that doesn’t work please contact the webmaster.


9th March 2018:

The Society’s latest publication – SBB Electric Locomotives – Past and Present by Martin Fisher and Paul Russenberger is now available. It describes the evolution of Swiss electric locomotive design through some 50 types of locomotive (excluding shunters but including those railcars which saw use in the traditional manner) from the very earliest experimental schemes in the Edwardian era through to the “Vectrons”. Photographs are in colour wherever possible but old archive photos (mostly very rare) are in black-and-white. There is not an “ABC-style” list of individual fleet numbers.The book has 124 pages and is available from the Society Shop. The price is £14.00 excluding postage.

Now available through the Society Shop are the revised and updated versions of Swiss Travel Guide No.1 – Bern and the Bernese Oberland and Swiss Travel Guide No. 8, Basle and North West Switzerland, with many new photos. The price remains unchanged at £6.00 plus postage.

13th January 2017:

The Swiss Holiday Company is offering Society Members a 5% discount against holiday bookings . For details click here.

Ron Smith has found the following link  to this site which has loads of great photos:


October 2015:

The Society has a Facebook page – please take a look, some Society information will be put on our Facebook page, there is a link to it the foot of the page..

We also have a Facebook Group where Society Members can post information and ask questions.
Please become a member of the group here.

Sales News

14th January 2019:

The Society is now selling the Video125 produced DVD and Blu-ray disc title The Old Gotthard Route a Drivers View. This is not a cab ride but a view out of all the cab windows along with a commentary. Full details can be found in our on-line shop. The price is £19 for the DVD or £23.00 for the High Definition version on Blu-ray disc. Be certain that you can play Blu-ray discs before choosing this option.


6th December 2018:

We now have the latest  Perren Cab ride DVD in stock – Bahnlinien im Jura II. This double DVD covers the following lines; Solothurn – Sonceboz – Sombeval,  Bern – Biel, Biel – La Chaux-de-Fonds,  Le Locie-Col-des Roches – Neuchȃtel,  Neuchȃtel – Frane. It is available through our On-Line Shop where there are full details of the DVD’s contents. The price is £34.00 plus postage.




23rd April 2018:

We now have in stock and available through our On-Line Shop “On Landlocked Seas part 2” by Brian Patton. It describes the ships of the principal Swiss and French Alpine Lakes. It is soft back with 224 pages with many colour photographs The price is £17.00 plus postage. This book will be reviewed in the September issue of Swiss Express

Please note that the Society can now accept credit and debit card payments  for Membership or Sales transactions via PayPal or by on- line payment against an invoice.

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