Page Last Updated 20th March 2018

Branch Organiser: Steve Buck


Venue: Stockland Green Methodist Church, Slade Rd, Erdington, B23 7JH.  Meetings commence at 19:30 on the second Friday of the month from September to May.

Apr. 13th: John Jesson

May 11th: Rob Morrey


The branch is planning to close after the May 2018 meeting


Birmingham Branch – What goes on?

For those members of the Society who have never been to a branch meeting, you may wonder what goes on. When I first joined the Society in 2006, my nearest branch was the West Midlands branch who advertised their meetings in member’s homes and you were invited to contact the organiser to find out where and when the next meeting was to be held. Being a shy and retiring person, I didn’t fancy turning up at a strange front door in deepest Worcestershire and announcing I had come for the SRS meeting. Imagine if it had been the wrong house.

At the next AGM in Bristol I sought and obtained permission from the Management Committee to form the Birmingham branch. I managed to book a meeting room in a local Church and started from there. The Membership Secretary offered to send out a letter put together by me to any members in the local area. (He had to send it out for data protection reasons).

We have now been going for five years, and are about 20 strong on a good night. We start our session in September and run through to May breaking for the summer. Quite a few members bring their wives along, so we make sure that our programme caters for them too! (They don’t welcome rivet counters). After a brief introduction, we usually watch a slide show for 40 minutes before pausing for a cup of tea or coffee (being a Methodist Church no alcohol allowed) and a natter before the second half to finish by 10:00pm. The room we use is very warm and comfortable with soft chairs and carpeted floor, and has a large cream painted wall which we use instead of a projection screen.

Over the years we have had many different speakers, with most of the Management Committee supporting us at various times. Our December meeting is always the best when members bring seasonal food to share and a light hearted quiz brings plenty of fun and laughter. The message is if you’re within reach you’re welcome to join us at any of our meetings (details in Swiss Express or on the website) or support or even form another local branch.

Steve Buck,

Branch Organiser