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Switzerland – General

Aerial Views of Switzerland – A site containing over 4000 aerial views of Switzerland and expanding. Not strictly railway related but a number of stations can be found by searching the site (text in French).

Around Switzerland by PostAuto in 60 days. A website describing almost 60 Postbus journeys in English.

Swiss Maps – – Swiss site providing mapping and aerial / satellite views of anywhere in Switzerland.

Swiss Maps – Site with various online maps of Switzerland (& other countries) – World of Maps.

Switzerland Tourism (My Switzerland) – home page. There is a facility on the web site to subscribe to a monthly news letter sent out by e-mail.

Swiss Travel System – UK site of Swiss travel system (STS) – full details of travel passes, etc.

Swiss Web Cams – Site linking to webcams all over Switzerland (text in German).

Federation of Swiss Societies in the UK – Mainly for the Swiss in the UK, but may be of interest to those interested in Switzerland.

Swissinfo – News & Current affairs as viewed from Switzerland – in English.

Official Swiss Ordnance Survey Maps – These zoom to show sufficient detail to show station track layouts


General Swiss Transport Sites

Listings of Closed Lines.

Open Railway Map – covers the entire world – zoom in to the area you want.

Rail Map of Switzerland – A map from the Trainspotting Bükkes site which also has good collection of European railway maps.

Signalling – Site giving details of Swiss & Austrian Signals – but see also thesignalpage for links to very many signalling sites.

SporenplanOnline – A Dutch site that has track diagrams for much of Europe. The Swiss plans are nor complete, but a large part of the country is covered. The area around Zurich is well worth a look! Also covers Austria, Germany, France & Benelux.

Swisstrains – Real-time – but timetable driven – indication of the location of all train superimposed on a map or satellite images.

Swiss Union of Public Transport (VÖV/UTP)  A link to the Union of Public Transport (VÖV/UTP) site. (in German or French).

Engineering work on Swiss Railways  details of planned engineering works and service changes.


Transport Related Webcams

Rigibahnen Webcams – Webcams around the Rigi Mountain, some featuring the railway.

RhB Webcams  There are many webcams around the RhB & Graubunden – this link takes you to the index page. The webcam showing the work site fro the new Albula Tunnel at Preda is here.

RhB Livestream – 18 webcams around the RhB network shown in succession, timed to include the passage of trains. At times some of the webcams may not be working.

Webcam on MV Berner Obeland on Lake Thun.

Webcam on DS Blümlisalp on Lake Thun.

Webcams on the Furka Bergstrecke.

Webcam on MOB – A webcam located in the cab of a MOB locomotive.

Webcam at Zürich Hauptbahnhof  running in real time – this is a new webcam that started operating in July 2022


Railway & Tramway Company Sites

Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe – Public transport in Basel.

Bern Lotschberg Simplon (BLS) – home page.

Brienz – Rothorn – Bahn (BRB) – home page.

Brünig Bahn  (Die Zentralbahn  SBB) – home page.

Chemins de Fer du Jura – home page in French

Dampfbahn Furka – Bergstrecke (DFB)  home page.

Diesel Crew of the DFB – home page –information about the DFB Diesels, webcams etc.

DLM – Swiss manufacturer of modern steam locomotives.

Forchbahn (FB) – home page (in German only).

Jungfraubahnen – home page.

Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB) – home page including the Gonergrat – Monte Rosa – Bahnen (GGB).

Montreux Oberland Bernois (MOB) – home page (now that of Golden Pass Services).

Oensingen – Balsthal Bahn – home page in German

Rhätische Bahn (RhB) – home page.

Transports de la Région Morges Bière Cossonay  (MBC) (in French).

Rigi Bahnen (RB) – home page, includes Arth-Rigi-Bahn (ARB) and Vitznau-Rigi-Bahn (VRB).

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB/CFF/FFS) – home page.

SBB webpage that describes all the train types in use on the Federal railways.

Swiss Funicular Railways – ‘Funimag’ home page linking to a permanent section dealing exclusively with Swiss funicular railways.

Swiss Narrow Gauge Railways – ‘Rail-Info’ home page containing much information and many links.

Swiss Union of Public Transport (VÖV/UTP) – home page.

Transports Publics du Chablais – TPC – Narrow gauge lines around Aigle and Bex, plus several bus routes.

Transports publics genevois – Public transport in Geneva.

Verkehrsbetriebe Bern – Public transport in Bern.

Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich – Public transport in Zurich


Preserved Railways, Tramways and Museums

Association Genevoise du Musée des Tramways (AGMT) – home page in French with further useful links. They usually run 2 of their 3 preserved convoys in CGTE (pre-TPG) green and cream livery one Sunday a month from May to September – operating staff wear 1950s CGTE uniforms.

Association Neuchâteloise des Amis du Tramway (ANAT) – home page in English with details of regular operations.

Bahnoldtimer – Swiss, German language site that gives an overview of all the Swiss mesueum railways and tramways and their events.  This site is operated by Club 1889.  

Blonay-Chamby (BC) – official home page (in English, French & German). Fully timetabled preserved metre-gauge museum railway above Vevey and Lac Leman. Electric traction, and steam on summer weekends when sheds are also open.

Brünig Dampfbahn (BDB) –  this is the new name for the Ballenberg Dampfbahn and reflects the fact that the Ballenberg Railway will never be built but that steam will return to the Brünig in 2022.

Dampfbahn Bern – Bern area steam events.

Locorama – Museum on the site of part of the old Romanshorn loco depot.

MGB Historic   site covering the historic stock of the MGB.

RhB Historic – includes a downloadable version of their annual magazine, “Die Bündner Kulturbahn”

RhB Steam / Dampfvereinrhb – German language site covering RhB steam.

RhB Albula Museum  in Bergün

SBB Historic – SBB’s historic fleet, including detials of special trains and events.

Swiss Classic Train – Restored stock used on various tours.

Swiss Industrial HeritageLeisure and educational activities relating to the history of technology and industrial culture in Switzerland.

Swiss Vapeur Parc – located at Le Bouveret, one of Europe’s most magnificent miniature railway layouts .

Swiss Transport Museum (Verkehrshaus der Schweiz), Luzern – home page.

Tram Museum Bern – Organisation preserving Bern buses, trolleybuses and trams and with a museum at the Weissenbuhl tram depot..

Tram Museum Zurich (TMZ) – home page in German giving details of their fleet and their new museum at Burgwies.

Verein Historische Eisenbahn Emmental (VHE) – home page in German.



Lake Brienz and Thun Navigation (BLS) home page

Lake Geneva Navigation Company (CGN) home page

Lake Lugano Navigation home page

Lake Luzern Navigation Company (SGV) – home page.

John’s “Swiss Paddle Steamers “ – an excellent site maintained by John Bird with all the latest news and timetables of Swiss Paddle Steamers and links to other ship related sites.

Foundation for Paddle Steamers Worldwide – Huge database of paddle steamer information.


Enthusiast Sites

Austro-Swiss Railway site – an Austrian site produced by Roland Smiderkal giving much detail of Austrian and Swiss signalling.

BahnCH Discussion Group – a Swiss administered discussion group in German. Details of how to subscribe are shown at the site. –a site with many photographs of Swiss Railways – text is in German.

Brian Nixon’s RhB Photo Site – a South African site devoted to information and photographs on the RhB.

Carl Waldis’ site about the Gotthard

Enthusiasts Guide to Travelling the Railways of Europe (Swiss pages) – general information.

Enthusiasts Guide to Travelling the Railways of Europe (Swiss pages)  lines with obscure and sparse passenger services. – a site containing a great deal of information on Swiss Railways. The modelling section contains some interesting historical observation which have a wider interest than just modelling! (in German).

MAPO’s Eisenbahnseite – Compiled by Maurizio Polier with over 3000 photographs mainly RhB as well as some fine drawings for modellers and excellent links (in German ).

Railcolor – A site mostly in English detailing modern Alstom, Siemens and Bombardier electric locomotives which includes SBB Re 481, 482, 474 and 484 and BLS Re 485.

SEAK – the website of the Schweizerischer Eisenbahn-Amateur-Klub, Zürich with news, photographs and specialist sections (mostly in German)

Sporenplan site  a Dutch produced site with a number of excellent Swiss schematic railway plans in Dutch only – click on the map for the Swiss section.

Hand Drawn Track Plans of Swiss Stations and much more in German.

X- Rail site – a site compiled by Stefan Kyburz giving excellent technical detail of locomotives and rolling stock as well as photographs of the MOB, GFM and RhB railways (in German). (Tip: click on the loco to get the start page) .

Zürich trams  a site specialising in Zürich trams but with news from other tram and light rail networks in Switzerland.



Albula-BahnClub  model railway club with a large Hom layout in Bergűn Museum.

BEMO Discussion Group – an independent discussion group conducted in English primarily for those interested in prototype and model Swiss narrow gauge railways. Details of how to subscribe are shown at the site.

East Surrey N-gauge Group – a group within the N Gauge Society Worldwide which features on its website a Swiss N Gauge layout currently undergoing major restoration.

Maloja  an RhB inspired layout owned by one of our members.

Modellbahn-Meiringen – this is the website of the re-constructed Om RhB/FO layout that was originally near to Interlaken West Station.

RhB Discussion Forum – Model and Prototype. Details of how to join are on the site.

RhB Grishun  – the story of a large LGB RhB Garden Railway.


The Railway Club Directory –  a directory that comprehensively covers all of the following – Traditional Railway Societies, Heritage Railways, Locomotive Societies and Model Railway Clubs. The book version of the directory is available to purchace through our shop.

Austrian Railways Group – home page.

Benelux Railways Society – home page.

Eisenbahn Amateur – home page (in German). The SVEA is the association of 88 railway clubs in Switzerland to which the SRS is affiliated.

French Railways Society (Formally SNCF Society) – home page.

German Railways Society – home page.

Italian Railways Society – home page .

The Light Rail Transit Association – home page.

 N Gauge Society Worldwide – an area group of the N Gauge Society .

Scandinavian Railways Society – home page.

Transport Ticket SocietyA world-wide association of students of tickets and fare-collection systems.



BEMO – manufacturers of HOm & HOe (with some HO and N) gauge model railways in Swiss and German outline. The site has illustrations, but the text is only in German.

Gerald Savine – Swiss railway paintings and limited edition prints .

Great Eastern Transport Films – New company producing mainly UK films but with some Swiss DVDs. Owned by an SRS member.

Hag – Swiss manufacturer of model railways.

Jason Sargerson –  A SRS members who writes and publishes his own books about Swiss Railways and butterflies

MITV – the only Company that specialises in making exclusively Swiss travel and rail videos. Chris and Sue have now retired but all their DVDs are available from the SRS On-Line Shop.

Perren Films  – Produce cab rides of Swiss lines. There aim is to produce a cab ride of every Swiss line.

Mixmediastore – The web shop of Van den Burg beeldproductions for books, videos and DVDs. A Netherlands based site and although the link is to the English pages, the site is also in Dutch and German. 

REOS Image Productions – DVDs, videos and photo CDs of trains, specialising in Swiss Railways. A Netherlands based site, REOS have now stopped producing and selling DVDs. All the REOS videos will be on YouTube and are linked from the site home page.

Rittech – Specialist dealer in brass models in all gauges both new and pre-used. Swiss based but fluent in English, French, German and Italian. The site has a downloadable catalogue which is regularly updated.

Studer Modelling Plans  A source of plans for a wide range of Swiss (and other) locomotives, coaches and wagons. The site is is German with links to English, French and Italian language pages.

Switzerland Travel Centre (STC) Subsidiary of SBB and suppliers of Swiss Travel Passes in the UK  who give 5% discount to SRS members detals here.

The Swiss Holiday Company – Tailor-made Swiss holidays with a choice of resorts, hotels and scenic rail journeys. A 5% discount is offered to Society members.

Transport Store  Online bookshop including substantial number of Swiss titles.

Swiss Railway Magazines

LokiDas Schweizer Modellbahnmagazin. It is published monthly.

Eisenbahn Amateur  Monthly magazine of the SVEA of which the SRS is a member.

Modellbahn Schweiz – Monthly magazine for Swiss Model Railway Enthusiats.

Semaphore – published four times a year, dedicated to Swiss railways history.

Schweizer Eisenbahn Review – published 11 times a year,  it is the only railway specialist magazine in Switzerland.