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Modelling Page

Welcome to the modelling pages of the Swiss Railways Society website.

This page has two initial purposes:

  •  Somewhere to place background material for articles in Swiss Express;
  •  A place for extra information that our members would like to submit.

Whilst our name implies an interest only in railway, many of our members have wider interests in modelling things Swiss, so the main constraint will be ‘Swiss’, so articles on modelling tramways, buses, boats and scenery are all welcome. If there is any information that you think should be on this page, submit it to the Webmaster.

MABAR TREN S.L. are a Spanish Model Railways company situated in Barcelona that produce HO and N scale models. They have released a Swiss post wagon in N gauge. Click here for a picture. There website is

Bill Salter has learn’t about a new model shop that has opened in Gravesend. Whilst not strictly continental they are selling some Swiss, German and Austrian stock second hand and are keen to sell more continental. The website is here. The Society is not connected with this firm in any way and does not endorse or make any recommendations.

Oxford and District Model Railway Club  together with other clubs and associations are holding a virtual model railway show , OXRAIL 2020, from Saturday 24th November until 1st November with live streaming on 24th & 25th October.  See and hear about the layouts and projects.  Join them in a fascinating journey stretching from England and Wales, across Europe to Japan. Please support this inovative idea at a time when there are no live model shows as they have given the Society a free advert on the site.


Stefan Unholz has a list of Model Shops in Switzerland which is regularly updated, to visit it click here.

Swiss layouts scheduled to appear at future exhibitions

Maloja  RhB HOm – for more information  visit Featured in Continental Modeller November 1991 and re-visited November 2007

Beckenvick – RhB HOm



Graubündenbahn  RhB HOm Netherlands based layout.

Untermutten  RhB HOm, for more information visit

Switzerland on the Move – Z  The layout was featured in the July 2013 Issue of Continental Modeller

Bärental  HOm  Rhätische Bahn. Featured in Continental Modeller December 2004


Neuburg 1913  HOm  Rhätische Bahn. Neuburg station in 1913, a section of the line prior to electrification. Featured in Peco’s “Modelling Swiss Railways”


Filisur  HOm  Rhätische Bahn – based on Filisur circa 2005 – 2006. Featured in Continental Modeller in December 2012 with an update in September 2017

Zeitesfeld  N Gauge  SBB – inspired by the foot of the north ramp of the Gotthard route. Featured in Continental Modeller in March and May 2014, awarded the Continental Modeller Cup for 2014. Click here for full details of the layout.

The walkers look on from the hillside, as the afternoon passenger service enters the station.

A very busy scene as freight trains cross at Zweitesfeld.

A loco exits the underpass as a steel train is seen leaving Zweitesfeld under “clear” aspects.


If you have a Swiss exhibition layout, let us feature it and it’s future appearances here.