Swiss Railways Society Sales

PayPal Payment Page


Note – You must contact the Sales Officer first to confirm the total cost of your order. Only then should you use this page to pay for your order. Orders will be dispatched on confirmation of payment. Credit / debit card payments are accepted via PayPal (no need for a PayPal account).

1. Enter your membership number or name.
2. Sales reference or description
3. Click on ‘buy now’

This opens a new page at PayPal.
4. Now enter the amount
5. Click on ‘update’ and the total will update.
6. If you have your own account with PayPal log in and pay.
7. If you do not have your own account with PP click on ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’.
8. A new page opens and you enter your personal and card details.

Please enter your name and membership number (if applicable)

Please enter description of goods or sales reference number