Picture Submissions


Part of the Photo Editor’s job is the management of the Society’s vast collection of photos submitted by members over the last few years. Indexing them can be difficult as many of the older submissions have little or no information associated with them.

To help the SRS and, in particular me, I have set a few simple parameters to follow when you submit digital photographs other then those directly associated with articles.

I am quite happy to accept anything you have that you may think would be of interest to other members through Swiss Express. Choosing one’s own favourite photos can be difficult, at least I find it difficult, so let me and the Editor be the judge and jury, we know what we are looking for.

When you are submitting anything follow these simple rules :-

  • Ensure they are at the full resolution taken by the camera, in other words send us what was taken at the time preferably directly from the memory card.
  • If you take RAW photographs send those, if you take jpgs do nothing to them at all and send what you took at the time.
  • After the file name but before the file type put some detail in. Here is an example:


There’s no need to give it a date etc as that was automatically stored in the Metadata associated with the digital picture file when you took it.

  • If you wish to expand the information about each picture, please make a list of the pictures and give them longer captions. The more information, the better. Save this as a Word document and add it to the files you send.

To send the photographs and files in go to <www.wetransfer.com> and follow the instructions on how to send them. The email for photo submissions is:


If you would like to submit photos on slides, negatives and/or prints that’s not a problem; we can scan them. Give each one a clear identifying number and submit them with a sheet of captions giving similar information as above. However, in these cases dates of taking should be given, if relevant, as they are obviously not stored on the film!  Ensure you wrap then securely, add sufficient postage (and a stamped, self-addressed envelope for their return).

The address to send these to is:    Photo Editor,  Swiss Railways Society,  3, Aldersey Road,  Worcester  WR5 3BG.

Following the above will make our job a lot easier and ensure that if we need a shot of a particular location/loco/event etc, there’s a great chance that yours will be selected.

Finally please note that whilst we will take every possible care of your photos, the Swiss Railways Society cannot accept any liability of any loss or damage, howsoever caused.

David Stevenson   
February 2019