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17th January 2022:
Grab yourselves a bargain – we have reduced the price of the hardback book “Swiss Postbuses” to £18.00 whilst stocks last – buy it here.

10th  January 2022:
The 2021 issues of Swiss Express are now available from our on-line shop priced at £3.50 per edition.

17th December 2021:
A notice in the December issue of Swiss Express stated that no orders would be despatched by SRS Sales during the period mid-January to mid-February. This is no-longer the case and there will be no pause in order despatch at the moment.

5th December 2021:
We now have available from our on-line shop the updated version of Swiss Travel Guide No. 6 Graubünden. Written by Bill Slater and Martin Fisher this 64-page guide has over 110 colour photographs and is in A5 format. It covers  Switzerland’s largest canton which includes resorts such as Davos, Klosters and St Moritz. The booklet offers a map; guidance on how to get there; Swiss ticketing arrangements; sample hotels; the railways and other forms of public transport; and the places to visit. The opportunity has been taken to update the text to reflect the profound motive power changes taking place within Graubünden’s major transport provider, the Rhätische Bahn. The photograph selection has been completely revised to reflect these attributes and the book contains many stunning railway images from some of Switzerland’s top transport photographers. The price is £7.00 plus postage.

29th November 2021:
All the Society’s 2022 Calendars have now been sold.

14th September 2021:
We now have the latest Perren Cab Ride DVD in stock – SBB-Linien in der Ostschweiz.  This  double DVD covers the following lines:  Linthal – Rapperswil,  Zürich – Chur,  Chur – St. Gallen,  St. Gallen – Winterthur,  Buchs SG – Sargans  It is available through our on-line shop where there are full details of the DVD’s contents and a sample video. The price is £37.00 plus carriage.

30th July 2021:
It is regretted that, on a temporary basis, we are no longer able to accept shop orders from Northern Ireland. We hope to re-instate this service as soon as possible.

27th January 2021:
At the moment shop deliveries to the EU are subject to lengthy delays.  Please note orders placed by customers within the EU will possibly have to pay either local VAT and, or customs duty before the goods can be delivered.  This will be collected by the delivery company.
We have had to add the following in to our terms and conditions: “For any non – UK order any Sales Tax, Duty and inspection fees are payable locally by the customer.  And any goods returned will be refunded minus all shipping, tax and handling fees passed onto the SRS”.

16th January 2021:
We now have the latest updated Swiss Travel Guide available,  Swiss Travel Guides 7 – Zürich and North-East Switzerland by Martin Fisher. This is an updated and expanded version of the Guide first published in 2013.  Although there have not been very many developments in the area since 2013, the opportunity has been taken to draw attention to a greater range of places to visit, include many extra photographs and details of more websites so the reader can easily research additional information if he or she wishes. The selection of railway-based photos has been updated to include new stock while at the same time providing glimpses of motive power used in the past. The selection of photos to illustrate places of interest away from the railway has also been enlarged. Apart from Zürich itself, the area covered extends from Aarau in the west across to Liechtenstein and the Austrian border in the east, and from Schaffhausen in the north down to the southern side of Lake Zürich and the Walensee. All 196 photographs are in colour and there is a map to illustrate the principal locations. There are 64 pages, plus card covers and the price is £7.00 plus postage. It is available from our on-line shop.


4th August 2020 updated 11th October 2020 and 17th October :
Another limited edition of 48 Mugs have been delivered are available again from our shop.  The coasters and Key Rings are still available and all can be bought at our on-line shop.

13th July updated 18th September 2020:
Now available from our on-line shop are the new Polo Shirts with our new logo. They are available in Navy, Grey, Red and Light Blue priced at £16.00 plus postage.  To order them visit our on-line shop.  The price of the remaining old style polo shirts has been reduced to £12.00, now only available in size small in both navy and red.

27th March 2020:
Now available is the latest book by Martin Fisher, “Swiss Independent Railways – Their Electric Locomotives Past and Present”.  This new A4 book describes all the various electric locomotives used down the years to the present day by each of the other Swiss railway operators. These are often described as privately-owned and although some are, many are at least partly owned by local government. Indeed, the Federal government has a stake in one or two cases. 30 railway companies feature (several of whom are amalgamations of various smaller operators) plus 11 modern-day Open Access operators and 5 locomotive leasing companies. Like the SBB book, the new publication describes the evolution of Swiss electric locomotive design from the very earliest experimental schemes through to the most recent designs. Both standard and narrow gauge railways feature. In the case of narrow gauge lines particularly, the distinction between locomotives and shunters and/or railcars can be blurred so shunters and railcars are described where they clearly have a “main line” use as locomotives. Photographs are in colour wherever possible but some old archive photos (mostly very rare) are in black-and-white. The price is £16.00 plus postage from our on-line shop or £19.50 by mail order including postage.

14th January 2020:
SRS Member Jason Sargerson has produced a new A4 book on Swiss Standard Gauge Railways. This A4 publication is available either direct from Jason’s website by mail order or from the SRS Sales Stand at exhibitions. The price is £10.00