Swiss Travel System

Full information on Swiss Travel System  passes – contact:

Switzerland Travel Centre,
8th Floor,
Saint Clare House,
30-33 Minories Tower,
London EC3N 1DD
Tel: 0207 420 4900             email:

Switzerland Travel Centre are ending the discount offer on Travel Passes to members at the end of 2023 but will continue to offer 10% off  STC Holidays. More details are here. After that date please use this link to order your passes. This will benefit the Society, and indirectly our members.


Swiss Timetables

THE SBB no longer offer printed timetables.

Individual timetables can be downloaded as PDF files from
Journey timetables can be checked at


Printed timetable that VCS, IGöV and Pro Bahn Schweiz have been producing in recent years will not be appearing from 2024 as it has proved uneconomical to produce. If, in the future, printed timetables become available again there is a UK source of the Swiss printed timetable – A number of members have used this company successfully (However, usual disclaimers apply and SRS offers no guarantee or recommendation!). Prices are steep, but someone has flown out to collect them, and a couple of Kilograms costs a bit to post!

European Rail Timetables.
39, Kilton Glade,
Worksop.  Notts S81 0PX
Tel: 01909 485855
Prices on application

Arriving at Geneva airport – Free Tickets!

Have you taken up the offer at Genève Airport of a free ticket throughout the “Tout Genève” zone of the Genève Public Transport system? This scheme has been in operation since January 2008 and is available to incoming passengers who must be in possession of a valid air travel ticket. Tickets are valid for 80 minutes and are available from machines in the baggage claim area close to the green channel exits.

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