Switzerland Travel Centre,
8th Floor,
Saint Clare House,
30-33 Minories Tower,
London EC3N 1DD

Switzerland Travel Centre
2024 Discount Offer


The Swiss Railways Society has for many years been pleased to enjoy a good relationship with Switzerland Travel Centre (STC) and their willingness to assist the Society and its members. Look out for more STC information in both Swiss Express and in other Swiss Railways Society publications.

In recognition of over 40 years that the SRS has been “flying-the-flag” for Switzerland STC is offering SRS members 10% discount on their brochure packages. The 5% discount on STS passes has now ended.

In order to benefit from the  2024 discount scheme you must contact the STC by phone on 0207 429 4900, members must quote their SRS membership number.

You can purchase passes through this dedicated link.  Bookings made this way will benefit the Society

Remember, with this special offer for 2024  you only have to spend £200 with our friends at the STC on their package holidays to have reclaimed your annual membership subscription.

This information leaflet was prepared by the Swiss Railways Society for the information of its members. It is based upon information supplied to the Society by STC. All details should be checked with the STC before making any booking as the terms and conditions implied in the promotion may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Page last updated 2nd January 2024